Let’s consult with an agent in this age!

Hello there!

I’m Ryosuke Yasukawa from office owner of Re/Max Revo.

We introduce real estate agent system that different from other company.

I’ll show you what is the difference in conventional real estate company and us.

Style 1  “A contract isn’t an end goal. But a beginning.”

In a conventional real estate company, the rental property is published on a homepage on the Internet.

The person in charge is randomly selected.

It all depends on luck and timing.

Are you really sure that?!

In life turning point is important!

“After graduate high school, live myself and got a partner, move to spacious room and then get married, had a baby, buy a house…..

After a child has become independent, going to sell that house…..”

We are responsible for a chain of events by the same argent.

Style 2 Don’t feel obligated.  Do it for my own good.

The conventional company, has a monthly sales quota….

That’s why mostly people can’t be positive for work.

On Friday night, you feel like T.G.I.F. right?

But on Sunday night, you are depressed aren’t you?

In our case, You don’t need to have a sales quota.

No more stand by for orders.

Our philosophy is “Agent first”.

Because if the people who work for customers are not happy, we can’t provide good service.

Not for the company and quotas.

Think for yourself to make our customers happy.

And stay positive.

This is it.

Style 3 Become president, get help from others.

Presidents of a traditional company are not working by themselves.

The sales, general affairs, accounting…

With the help of many people.

Problems of Real estate business is very complicated.

It’s impossible to solve all problems just one person.

We have various specialists (real estate, let, investment, remodeling, tax, insurance )

It isn’t confined to Japan, over 120 countries,

The world’s largest real estate network with over 130000 agents.

Each person is the president, get help from others correctly,

So it’s possible to propose the best solution to our customers problem.

Always put ourselves in your shoes, stay positive, to solve a problem.

This is us.

This is Re/Max Revo.


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